Gastric sleeve experience in Iran: how to get a surgery for ¼th of the price in Tehran?

Our life habits are mostly about eating, using smart phones, and riding vehicles. People eat too much and move less. For this reason, a lot of people who belong to different age groups suffer from obesity. Over time, losing weight becomes problematic. After reaching this point, people consider having weight loss surgeries.

Our story is about Lesha’s gastric sleeve experience in Iran. Lesha is from South Africa but she resides in Dubai. She had an overweight problem. She has decided to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery. Her friends in Dubai recommended Iran because of the good reputation the Iranian surgeons have and the reasonable prices compared to other countries. Lesha did some research about Iranian surgeons and was satisfied with what she has seen.

Lesha contacted AriaMedTour’s online consultation and asked for more details about the company, how it works, prices…etc. She has traveled to Iran twice; once for the medical preparations before the surgery and the other was for undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

Her patient coordinator, Mustafa, has been such a great help. He accompanied Lesha along her medical trip. In addition, he took her on a sightseeing tour. AriaMedTour appointed her with the surgeon who is going to perform the gastric sleeve. During the medical appointment, Lesha and her surgeon have talked about everything concerning the surgery. He has also removed any worries she had held toward the surgery and its complications. After her surgery, Lesha returned to the hotel room that was reserved and prepared by AriaMedTour.

After the surgery, Lesha was pleased about the results. Her gastric sleeve experience in Iran with AriaMedTour was so great that she said she would love to do it again. She is grateful to Iran, AriaMedTour, and the Iranian surgeons.

“It has been an amazing experience. I would do it again. I recommend everyone to use AriaMed. They have been very helpful.”

Her journey was nice and comfortable. She did not have to do anything since it was all prepared for her by AriaMedTour starting from the flight reservation and airport pick up, treatment visa, medical preparations, appointments, hotel reservation, and internet.

Lesha’s medical trip to Iran was planned by AriaMedTour. If you would like to have yours planned, all you have to do is to hit “Free Quote” and fill in the form. Our health care specialists work day and night at your service.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Lesha in Iran!


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