Mommy Makeover for Mother, Nose Job for Daughter!

Mommy Makeover for Mother, Nose Job for Daughter!

Hannah is 54 and lives in Denmark. She and her daughter, Chiman, 33, came to Iran for plastic surgeries. Hannah had a mommy makeover, a procedure that combines a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with aesthetic breast surgery (mammoplasty), and Chiman had a nose job and breast implants.

The procedures were arranged by AriaMedTour at a well-equipped clinic in Tehran.
The abdominoplasty and breast surgery for Hannah were performed in one session. She had a one-night stay at the clinic after the procedures and was discharged the next day.
Chiman’s surgeries were done separately. She first had her rhinoplasty and after 9 days she had her breast surgery at a private hospital.

Hannah and Chiman paid a visit to AriaMedTour’s office at the end of their stay in Iran. They were very happy about their experience of having surgery in Iran with the help of AriaMedTour.
Hannah spoke good Persian thanks to a 10-year period she lived in Iran in the past, after which she migrated to Denmark. She knew Tehran very well. But Chiman didn’t speak Persian. They took photos with our staff and returned to their hotel.

Hannah and Chiman were ready to fly back home as scheduled only to find out that the negative Covid-19 tests they had back in Denmark were no longer valid. So they had to cancel their flight and stay longer. AriaMedTour was quick to book a hotel and another flight for them so that they finally were able to return home after they once again tested negative for Coronavirus.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Hannah and Chiman in Iran!

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