High quality and affordable dental implant experience in Iran

High quality and affordable dental implant experience in Iran

Hussein Changezi is from Australia. He has been suffering from dental problems for many years. He has spent most of them dealing with pontics and dental bridges until he has decided that it is time for him to settle these problems with a permanent solution. He searched the web and learned about dental implant and how it is performed in several countries. He also found that Iran is the country that is best for having his procedure in due to the high quality and the low costs. That is how his dental implant experience in Iran started.

“I think it (dental implantation) is cheaper in Iran, the cheapest!”

Through the internet, he learned about AriaMedTour. He then contacted the help center, sent them information about his condition, and asked for trip arrangement after he had learned more information about how Aria works.

AriaMedTour had taken care of everything for Hussein. An assistant from AriaMedTour was waiting for Hussein’s arrival at the airport. Hussein recognized him from the sign that he was holding. This sign had his name on it along with the motto of AriaMedTour. Their meeting was very warm and nice, which made Hussein feel comfortable and safe. They immediately left the airport to go to the hotel room that was previously reserved by AriaMedTour.

Since AriaMedTour has taken care of everything, all he had to do is to accompany the assistant who was his guide and companion throughout the journey. Their next station was the dentist’s clinic. Surely, the appointment was pre-scheduled, which means that they did not have to wait.

During the appointment, the dentist examined Hussein’s condition. The dentist was very confidently speaking; he showed Hussein how the procedure is going to be done. The assistant was the bridge of communication between Hussein and the dentist.

“I am giving them 5 stars, especially the AriaMedTour people.”

What draw Hussein’s attention is that everything was super clean and sanitized. Hussein admired the doctor’s confidence and trusted that he will be in good hands. For this reason, Hussein’s wife also undergone some dental works during this journey. The next day, Hussein was invited by the assistant/interpreter to visit some of the wonders in Iran. It was such a great pleasure and he was very happy about it.

“The thing is that they have a lot of hygiene and everything is sterilized.”

Hussein went back to his home country with beautiful memories, new friendship, and beautiful smile with his permanent implantation teeth. He contacted us 10 months later to tell us how happy he still is with the results that are perfect and satisfying.

“I would say about treatment and accommodation at Iran through AriaMedTour that everything had been good, and obviously the credit goes to AriaMedTour.”

This is the different that AriaMedTour has made for Hussein by providing him with an amazing dental implant experience in Iran. If you would like to have your own experience, contact AriaMedTour website, hit ‘Free Quote’ and fill the form or just send as a message through WhatsApp. Our services are 24/7 available.

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