Delicate eye surgeries are not so hard after all in Iran

Delicate eye surgeries are not so hard after all in Iran

Meet the newest member of AriaMedTour’s family, Hussein Hadi Hadid, who flew all the way from Sweden to Iran to undergo a delicate surgery to fix his eyesight.

Hussein, who was born and raised in Iraq before becoming a resident in Stockholm then a citizen of Sweden, owns a couple of photography shops in Baghdad. Since working as an award-winning professional photographer demands being sharp-sighted, Hussein started seeking professional help, as he was struggling with strabismus (crossed eye) for many years and was waiting for the right time to explore the different options that the internet has to offer in order to fix his eyesight.

Luckily, AriaMedTour contacted Hussein After he was referred to it by the hospital, and took care of all the required arrangements for his medical trip based on his needs and preferences, starting with hotel booking, hospital appointment, and not ending with the guaranteed success of his delicate surgery thanks to its professional team of experienced surgeons.

Hussein’s journey for having strabismus treatment experience in Iran began with him being picked up from the airport by AriaMedTour’s professional team that included a highly-trained interpreter who exceeded Hussein’s highest expectation. Afterwards, he was taken to his hotel where got some rest after his long trip before meeting the appointed doctor and starting with the medical procedures.

A journey to undergo strabismus treatment experience in Iran and family reunion

Despite the fact that Hussein resides in a country known for its highly advanced health-care system, he chose Iran over any other option. This is because it is known worldwide for being proficient in eye operations and has many highly trained surgeons known for their expertise in ophthalmology, where they were able to perform his delicate and possibly dangerous operation with great ease.

Hussein’s trip to Iran did not have a sole purpose, as it was also recreational, and it included many different activities such as visiting some of Iran’s most beautiful landscapes, and practicing his favorite hobby as a photographer. It also ended with a warm family reunion in his hometown Baghdad before heading back to Sweden.

While leaving Iran, Hussein told us that he was more than satisfied with the overall experience and he highly appreciates the efforts and the manners of the interpreter and her husband who treated him as part of the family.

Hussein’s successful journey to have strabismus treatment in Iran was arranged and organized by AriaMedTour, so if you are planning to make the right decision regarding an upcoming medical trip, simply click on “Free Quote” button and fill on the form, or feel free to send a message on WhatsApp. You will be directly contacting our health care specialists who are at your service 24/7.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Hussein in Iran!

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