British Patient Chose Iran and AriaMedTour after Much Consideration

British Patient Chose Iran and AriaMedTour after Much Consideration

Katrina is a 52-year-old woman from York, England. In 2014, she had her first Rhinoplasty in the UK which, in her own words, ”was not very successful” since  “there wasn’t any difference at all” after the surgery was done. So, looking for revision rhinoplasty options, she began researching international surgeons, “looking at their expertise compared to British surgeons”.

That was when she started focusing on Iran and how frequently Rhinoplasty is performed here. In the meanwhile, however, Katrina was also checking a lot of Turkish surgeons; but, in her own words, “although some of the surgeons were very good, they didn’t have the expertise compared to Iranian surgeons”.

After we introduced our doctors and surgeons to her, she checked their Instagram pages and was eventually able to choose her surgeon among all the first-rate medical practitioners AriaMedTour works with.

Initially, Katrina was considering a Brow Lift in addition to her revision Rhinoplasty. But, after consulting her doctor, it was decided that a blepharoplasty would be the best choice for her. Katrina expected the results to be “semi-fantasy”. And, at the end of the day, she was extremely satisfied with the results of her operations. In her own words, “I was very well looked after.” She was also happy with the way the pre-surgery tests and preparations were “all performed very professionally”.

One of the advantages of working with AriaMedTour is that the language barrier is almost nonexistent. In Katrina’s case, for instance, not only did she have an interpreter with her, but everyone was constantly making sure she was informed and in control. In Katrina’s own words, “all the nurses and the surgeon were very professional and explained things to me very well”.

Katrina’s experience with AriaMedTour wasn’t only limited to medical care. Accompanied by her interpreter, she visited Tajrish Traditional Bazaar and Imamzadeh Saleh. All in all, we made sure she had a great experience staying in Iran. In her own words, “everyone seems very gentle in their nature, which is very reassuring when you come in for an operation”.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Katrina in Iran!


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