The Story of Khaled from Kuwait and his Revision Rhinoplasty in Iran

The Story of Khaled from Kuwait and his Revision Rhinoplasty in Iran

Meet our revision rhinoplasty patient Khaled, 45, who comes from Kuwait. He broke his nose a year ago and got a nasal deformity due to badly damaged cartilage.

Khaled underwent surgery to get his nose fixed but it didn’t go well and he had to go under the knife for a second time. So he decided to find a skillful surgeon with good experience in revision rhinoplasty.

As he was searching on the internet for the best rhinoplasty surgeons, Khaled came across our website. He went through our pages, read about us, and watched our testimonial videos, and they were enough to convince him to contact us and ask for information about traveling to Iran for revision nose surgery.

Having received all the information he needed, Khaled made up his mind to come to Iran with the help of AriaMedTour. He got a visa, took a flight, and flew to Tehran, where he was welcomed and picked up by a guide provided by AriaMedTour. Our guide drove Khaled to his hotel — a five-star hotel in central Tehran — and helped him settle in his luxurious room.

Because of his special condition, Khaled didn’t choose a surgeon in advance and wanted to see them in person to make the best decision. So we arranged consultations with 4 surgeons for him and he asked them for their opinions about his condition. He finally chose a surgeon with great experience in revision rhinoplasty and had his surgery performed by him at a modern hospital in Tehran.

The revision rhinoplasty was carried out with a rib graft technique, meaning the surgeon harvested cartilage from his rib to reconstruct his nasal cartilage. The surgery went well but Khaled has to wait for a few months to see the final result.

Seeing the quality cosmetic services, Khaled decided to have a Botox and a PRP injection procedure as well. He finally wrapped up his trip to Iran with a visit to our office and a sightseeing tour in Tehran with his interpreter.

Here are some photos of Khaled as our guest in Iran.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Khaled in Iran!


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