Pakistani couple living in Sydney visit Iran for fertility treatment

Pakistani couple living in Sydney visit Iran for fertility treatment

See the Urdu version of Nosrat’s interview on YouTube.

In this video, you can see a Pakistani man recounting his experience of traveling to Iran with his wife for an infertility treatment (fertility treatment). The man who introduces himself as Nosrat Hussein, is originally from Pakistan but currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

The couple suffers from infertility. Nosrat tells us they have been looking for treatment in Pakistan and Malaysia since two years ago but there were several disadvantages in getting treatments in those countries.

One of the reasons Nosrat was reluctant to undergo infertility treatment in Pakistan was the high cost. He says in some medical centers in Pakistan the price for an IVF (in-vitro fertilization) is as high as 12,000 dollars. Another reason was that Pakistani medical centers lack all the necessary facilities in one place, requiring patients to move to other places, even other cities to undergo different medical tests or treatments.

The similar treatment costs 16,000 dollars in Malaysia, something that is very expensive for many people including Nosrat and his wife.

The young man was searching for information about treatments in other countries when he came across AriaMedTour website. He browsed the site and read about IVF treatment in Iran as well as services AriaMedTour company offers to foreign patients who want to travel to Iran for medical and cosmetic treatments.

Nosrat contacted the company immediately and asked for more information. He was in touch with the company for a few weeks getting information and consultation. Hearing about advantages of receiving IVF treatment in Iran, including high success rate, modern medical facilities, experienced doctors and high affordability, Nosrat finally made up his mind to travel to Iran with his wife and undergone a treatment in Avicenna Specialized Center for Infertility.

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Nosrat Hussein receiving a gift from AriaMedTour

AriaMedTour facilitated the trip for the couple by helping them get their visas and book flights. It arranged their appointment and reserved hotel for them before picking them up at the airport.

The Pakistani couple have already two daughters but now they are looking for a son. After failing to have their third child, they chose to undergo an IVF treatment together with a gender selection option, something that is offered by Iranian fertility treatment centers.

Nosrat seems happy with the reception they’ve got in Iran. He expresses his satisfaction with the services they have been offered including medical tests and treatments at the clinic. The presence of all necessary facilities in one place (Avicenna Clinic) was very helpful as they did not need to go “here and there” to undergone various tests. Supportive staff and nurses of the clinic were also very helpful in guiding the couple through the process.

According to Nosrat, you will be given three chances to receive an infertility treatment in Avicenna Clinic, meaning that if the first attempt fails, you will be given a second or third chance to undergo the treatment for free, something that would cost a lot in other countries.

“Everything is in the hands of God,” Nosrat says, adding that he had a pleasant stay and good memories in Tehran with the help of AriaMedTour.

Gender selection

Gender or sex selection is an option in fertility treatments of IVF and artificial insemination (AI). There are some techniques which are employed to determine the sex of the baby to be conceived through infertility treatments. This is mainly for those couples who have already children of one sex and want to have children of the other sex as well, which is referred to as ‘family balancing’.

Iranian infertility treatment centers provide couples with detailed consultation on gender selection options, their chances of success, their limitations and so on. Before deciding to undergo one of the treatments, you will be let know whether you are a good candidate for a gender selection process by undergoing relevant tests.

Nosrat gave his remarks in Urdu as well, which you can watch here.


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