The Dream of an Elegant Nose Comes True for Our Pakistani Guest from Germany

The Dream of an Elegant Nose Comes True for Our Pakistani Guest from Germany

Medical procedures are conventionally believed to be stressful tasks that are at best tedious and at worst traumatic! But, what happens when an organization tries to change this perception by optimizing every single aspect of this experience? As the leading medical tourism company in Iran, AriaMedTour provides you with the best possible medical care while making you feel at home.

This quality of services is what first led Shumaila to AriaMedTour. Shumaila is a 32-year-old Germany-based Pakistani woman who was looking to undergo a rhinoplasty. After a simple search on the internet as well as asking her friends and acquaintances, she found out that Iran is the best destination for nose surgery. While searching for rhinoplasty in Iran, Shumaila came across various offers from different Iranian companies. According to Shumaila, her research helped her realize that AriaMedTour offered the best packages for nose surgery. So, she chose us!

This was how she traveled from Germany to Iran. Before traveling to Iran, however, she was seriously concerned about whether or not Iran was safe. But, as with all other patients, she totally changed her mind about Iran at the end of her medical journey. In Shumaila’s opinion, Iran is a lovely and safe country;

The people are so relaxed and nice, making you feel like they’re your family”.

At first, Shumaila was rather surprised when noticing Iranian people strictly followed COVID-19 protocols. Moreover, she was really happy with the level of hygiene in Iranian hospitals, clinics, stores, etc. And above all, she was “totally satisfied” with her surgery. The outcome was just as she imagined, and she believed that Iranian surgeons are tremendously skilled and experienced, creating results that clearly surpass European surgeons.

In Shumaila’s opinion, as a foreigner, it’s very challenging to orchestrate everything needed for an ideal medical experience. But, her own perfect experience bears testament to AriaMedTour’s status as the first specialized medical tourism facilitator in Iran.

She tells the story of her rhinoplasty experience in Iran with details in the above video.

You can also watch Shumaila’s video as she shares in Urdu or in German.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Shumaila in Iran!

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