Cheerful African-Swedish Girl Speaks Highly of Iran after Nose Job in Tehran

Cheerful African-Swedish Girl Speaks Highly of Iran after Nose Job in Tehran

I feel so good. I can go home and I feel so happy,” says Tatiana, our 21-year-old patient who came from Sweden.

“I’m investing in myself. I’m not wasting money because I’m investing in myself. I’m gonna have this face until I die, so it’s a good investment on myself.”

Originally from Rwanda in East Africa, Tatiana grew up in Sweden, where she leads a busy social life. She had a nose job a few years ago in Turkey but it didn’t go well and the result was very unsatisfactory. So she had to go under the knife for a second time to fix the result of the botched job and improve the shape of her nose.

Tatiana had heard about the expertise of Iranian plastic surgeons. So this time she chose to look for an Iranian rhinoplasty surgeon for her revision surgery. She googled some keywords and came across our website, which she browsed for a while to get some initial information. After reading about our services and watching videos of our patients, she became convinced that Iran is the place she should fly to for surgery, so she contacted us shortly after and asked for a consultation.

No longer after that Tatiana found herself in Tehran. She was picked up at the airport by a guide from AriaMedTour to go to her hotel. The next day she visited the doctor she chose for a pre-op consultation and talked to him about her desired result and everything else about the surgery. The surgeon she chose is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons who often uses the closed rhinoplasty technique, which is less invasive than the open technique.

Tatiana finally had her surgery performed successfully. She came to our office one day to meet the staff and talk about her experience. She was super happy about the result of her operation and the overall experience she had in Iran. With her sparky personality, she joked with everyone at the office and we all enjoyed conversing with her.

Watch the video of Tatiana above as she speaks cheerfully about her experience. We hope to see her again in Iran.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Tatiana in Iran!

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