A nose job surgery in Iran for fixing breathing problems

Zuheir is originally from Iraq but resides in Germany. He is talking in his video about the story of his wife’s nose surgery in Iran and why they choose Iran in the first place.

Zuheirs’ wife had severe respiratory problems, and surgery was the best option to treat the issue. While surfing the internet, they came across AriaMedTour’s website and watched the videos of its previous patient, so they decided to try its services. They contacted AriaMedTour’s online consultation, asked for more details and information and learned about their various services.

Zuheir and his wife traveled to Iran through AriaMedTour to have a nose surgery. They were picked up at the airport by AriaMedTour’s assistant who was assigned to accompany them. AriaMedTour had previously reserved them a hotel room. So, they first went to the hotel to unpack the luggage and get some rest.

In the next day, they went to the hospital for doing medical tests accompanied by their assistant and interpreter. After that, they went to see the doctor who was suggested by AriaMedTour to perform the surgery. The doctor, who is well experienced in nose surgeries, examined her nose and explained the details of the operation clarifying that there is nothing to worry about and that the results will be success guaranteed.

The condition has been professionally treated. Zuheir and his wife were very pleased and satisfied with the results of surgery and the services provided to them by AriaMedTour. They did not have to worry about anything because AriaMedTour had taken care of all their needs from airport pick up, interpreter, hotel reservation, medical matters and many more.

Zuheir’s experience with AriaMedTour was amazing, and he recommends everyone to contact them and try their various services.

AriaMedTour made their medical trip to Iran easier. You can have that too by contacting AriaMedTour. All you have to do is to hit the “free consultation” button and fill out the form or to throw us a message on WhatsApp or any of our social media channels. Our health care specialists will be just waiting to provide you with all the information you need to know.

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