Indian man tells you why he opted for Iran for hair transplant

If you’re going bald or losing hair, you may think about your budget before opting for a hair loss treatment like a hair transplant. It was the same story with Shiva. Watch Shiva’s video, our Indian patient testimonial, and read his story to find out why he preferred Iran to India, a popular medical tourism destination, to get his hair transplant done here!

Shiva preferred Iran to India due to a number of reasons. His first motive was the low price at which he could get his hair restoration surgery done compared to India (check out our hair transplant cost in Iran). Plus, he was well aware of the proficiency of Iranian surgeons in the field of cosmetic surgeries including hair transplant. So he found us on the internet and flew to Iran to undergo hair transplantation surgery.

Upon his contact, we provided him with all the necessary information and arranged for his visa, flight, hotel as well as his surgery. His hair transplant procedure went perfectly and he returned to India after a few days. During his hair transplant, the surgeon used local anesthesia to numb his scalp. The FIT technique was applied to relocate his hair grafts to the balding area in front of his head. And finally, he got 70-80% of his hair restored through this surgery.

After his treatment, he visited AriaMedTour office. He expressed his gratitude to the team and described Iran as the best country for getting a hair transplant. In the end, AriaMedTour gave him a gift as a keepsake.

See also the photo gallery of Shiva’s medical trip to Iran.

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