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In this video you see an Omani doctor who has come to Iran for his wife’s gastric sleeve surgery. He thanks AriaMedTour for facilitating their trip, and providing a to z services from the very moment they got to the airport to the time they left Iran. He notes that AriaMedTour is very well-known for providing services for patients from all around the world, and has surpassed all its rivals. He emphasizes that AriaMedTour organized everything perfectly, adding that it made their trip enjoyable. Somewhere else he adds that they go back to their country completely satisfied, and will come back to Iran via AriaMedTour.

In this video you will see a British barber who has come to Iran for hair transplant. He tells AriaMedTour that he was more than satisfied with the services provided for him by this company. The services include transfer, accommodation, city tour, and last but not least treatment. He compares hair transplant in Iran with other countries including Turkey and his own country, that is UK. He tells AriaMedTour that hair transplant in UK is too much expensive, and that one has to wait quite a long a time for the treatment, noting that the quality of the treatment is not as satisfactory as it is in Iran. He was more than pleased with the timing of the treatment, the surgery, hospital staff, medical team, and in general AriaMedTour services. He emphasized that he was so satisfied with the whole package that he is going to recommend it to his family and customers, and also he plans to come back to Iran in less than three months for another wonderful experience in Iran.
It is noted that AriaMedTour provides a to z of best services for patients from all over the world, so that they do not have the slightest worries and be completely ready for their treatment.

Mona Nakki from India came to Tehran for doing hair transplant surgery and the natural looking FUE and FUT. Doctors and their associates are pioneers and experts in the field of FUE and FUT hair restoration and hair transplants. AriMedTour provides effective, safe and affordable healthcare choices. AriaMedtour services are planned and scheduled in advance, we adhere strongly to the medical industry standards and use our international knowledge in the field of medical tourism in Iran to deliver in terms of cost-effectiveness, timely, vital, safety and quality services. In fact we cater to all the nuances of medical tourism and guide you at every step. We hope each patient experience a good medical travel and be 100% satisfied with our services cause as it is our slogan the patients satisfaction is the priority.

Tehran is well-known as the capital of nose job in the world. The rhinoplasty surgeons are highly skilled and experienced within years in Iran. the cosmetic surgeons operate in the most equipped hospitals to fulfill the patients’ needs wholly. As you can see in the video an Australian girl has travelled to Iran for a rhinoplasty surgery for enhancing the beauty of her face and improving her self-steam. Recently the demands for cosmetic surgeries such as nose job has been increased around the world. Its useful to know Iran has devoted a great budget to have the most qualified surgeons in this field.

Lately cosmetic surgeries have attracted both men and female all around the world. Our specific team including the highly qualified surgeons like the featuring Dr. Boromand, professional in ENT, Rhinology, Otolaryngology, Neuroethology and plastic surgery has fulfilled the patient’s international demands which is our goal to be proud of. In this video our international patient has come all the way from England to Iran to do his nose job. the patient’s satisfaction has always been our slogan.

Secondary rhinoplasty (revision rhinoplasty) is a common procedure used to revise the results of previous nose surgeries. Of course it is important to choose an experienced specialist to achieve the results you expect from revision rhinoplasty. Dr.Mahboubi Rad is a well-known and trusted plastic surgeon, who has gained worldwide reputation. If you are selective in choosing your plastic surgeon for nose surgery, Dr.Mahboubi Rad meets the highest standards.

The following video pictures a Kuwaiti who have come to one of the northern cities of Iran, Amol, on vacation. As they heard a lot about the medical services offered in Iran, they decide to circumcise their son in Shomal hospital, in Amol city, Mazandaran Province. After the surgery they are so satisfied with medical services and medical staff’s help that they decide to celebrate the circumcision celebration in the hospital with the staff. It is noteworthy that Shomal hospital collaborates with Ariamedtour.

Pixee Fox Swedish super mode has nose surgery (rhinoplasty) with Dr Farshid mahboubirad in Tehran the capital of Iran.

Rhinoplasty which is also known as nose surgery, is a plastic surgery performed to resize or reshape the nose for either cosmetic reasons or treating breathing conditions caused by structural defects of the nose. Dr. Farshid Mahboubirad and his team provide not only high-quality surgical treatment, but also additional care and support for you, so you can feel comfortable and experience a great trip to Iran, while you receive high standard treatment and achieve the results you desire.

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