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Ammar lives in Sydney, Australia. He visited Iran alongside his family to spend a few weeks in the country for a visit to their relatives who live in Abadan, and also for a weight loss surgery for Floria (Amar’s wife).

The family learned about AriaMedTour via the internet. As they were looking for a good weight loss surgeon, they came across They contacted the company on WhatsApp and after a few days of exchanging messages, they made up their mind to have their medical tour organized by the medical tourism company. AriaMedtour booked a surgery appointment for them in one of the best Tehran hospitals.

Before coming to Iran, the family went to Iraq to meet Ammar’s parents there. After a few days in Iraq, Ammar’s parents and his aunt joint them to go to Abadan, where some of their relatives live.

After a long stay in Abadan, Ammar and his family traveled to Tehran. As usual, AriaMedTour sent an interpreter to the airport to pick up the family and transfer them to the accommodation.

During their stay in Tehran, Floria had her weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve). After 2 days of stay in the hospital (as weight loss surgery patients need to stay in hospital for after-care), they returned to their accommodation and after 6 days she visited her doctor again for the final check-up.

During their stay in Tehran, Ammar paid a visit to AriaMedTour’s office to see the people who helped him and her family, directly or indirectly. He expressed his satisfaction with the services they received, both in terms of medical services and non-medical services (accommodation, transfer, interpreter, etc.). He had friendly conversations with the staff members and joined them for a group photograph. He also was given a small gift as a gesture of hospitality.

Read the full story of the Australian family’s trip to Iran.

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