AriaMedTour set to gain foothold in CIS medical tourism market

For years, medical tourism has been one of the key components of global healthcare. As a result, events and exhibitions such as Oman’s IMTEC, France’s Top Resa, Medshow in Russia, and Arab Medical Travel exhibition in Dubai are held every year to bring together different medical tourism companies and introduce various medical centers and their services.

In addition to encouraging synergy between organizations, such events have provided an opportunity for countries like Iran to showcase their enormous potential regarding medical tourism.

One of the most recent events was the 5th Moscow MedShow, Russia’s specialized Medical Tourism Exhibition. The exhibition, which was held on October 26 and 27, 2018 in Moscow, hosted clinics, hospitals, and medical tourism companies from all around the world. As Iran’s leading medical tourism agency, AriaMedTour was also one of the participants of the exhibition.

Attending the exhibition bore several positive outcomes for AriaMedTour.

Not only did the company enter into business contracts with companies based in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries, it also had propitious negotiations with Italian and Indian companies, paving the way for further collaboration with these countries.

Remarkably, a great number of visitors were intrigued when they realized medical centers in Iran provide various procedures such as fertility treatments, cosmetic procedures, hair transplant, etc. with exemplary quality and at decent prices. Many of those seeking affordable cosmetic procedures, opted for Iran following the exhibition; and did so by choosing AriaMedTour as their facilitation agency.

Well, let’s have a look at the photos of AriaMedTour’s journey in Russia!