Medical tourism experts from ECO states come together in Ardabil

Every year, an increasing number of events are held revolving around medical tourism. ECO confobition (conference and exhibition) on health tourism is the largest health tourism event held among ECO countries (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan). Its main goal is to demonstrate the health tourism capacities in these countries.

The 2nd ECO confobition was held in Ardabil, a city previously known for its carpet and silk, and now, for its wellness tourism potential too. One of the major achievements of the ECO confobition was the promotion of medical tourism in Iran. Iranian medical tourism facilitators and healthcare providers showcased the neglected yet vast potential of Iran’s medical tourism during the event.

What happened at ECO Confobition?

The 2nd ECO confobition took place from 18 to 20 June in Ardabil, Iran. It was attended by ambassadors from the ECO countries as well as participants from other countries.

speakers at ECO Confobition sitting behind microphones

Regional manager of the IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal), Maria D. Georgia, giving a speech at the 2nd ECO Confobition on Health Tourism held on June 18 to 20, 2019 in Ardabil, Iran.

The four panels of the event consisted of meetings between senior-level officials and industry leaders, exhibitions, and workshops during which medical traveling to Iran was the key interest.

On the inauguration day, the participants were welcomed warmly at Safi-ad-din Ardabili’s shrine. The ceremony included an introduction to the traditional music and dance of Ardabil as well as presenting tourist attractions of the city to the partakers.

The introduction of natural spa resorts in Ardabil made it clear that Iran is not only a hub for medical tourism in the Middle East but also a hidden gem to attract wellness tourists who seek a relaxing experience in Iran.

The official opening of the confobition took place during a conference at the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili. Several officials and executives delivered their speeches during the opening ceremony, including:

  • Akbar Behnamjoo, the provincial governor of Ardabil
  • Mohammad Jahangiri, Chairman of Iran International Healthcare Association
  • Iraj Harirchi, Iran’s Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education
  • Adem Kula, Secretary-General of ECO Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The event included 4 major panels which saw speeches by Hadi Shajari, Founder and chairman of AriaMedTour company, and Maria D. Georga, regional manager of the IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal) on Iran’s capacity for broadening its healthcare appeal.

ECO health tourism confobition was also attended by start-ups and hospitals such as Ordibehesht Hospital in Shiraz.

AriaMedTour’s significant role in ECO Confibition

As the official sponsor of the confobition, AriaMedTour’s market development team attended the event. The team made a huge contribution to the confobition by delivering speeches and holding Q&A sessions with the other attendees.

Hadi Shajari giving speech at ECO Confobition with flags of ECO member states seen in the background

President of AriaMedTour, Hadi Shajari, giving a speech at the 2nd ECO Confobition on Health Tourism held on June 18 to 20, 2019 in Ardabil, Iran.

As the leading medical tourism facilitation provider in Iran, AriaMedTour was one of the main representatives of Iran’s medical tourism. By taking part in regional and global exhibitions, the company has been highly active in introducing Iran’s medical tourism capabilities to international markets.

Inside the blue booths of AriaMedTour

AriaMedTour’s booths were a prominent feature of the exhibition. National and international participants had the opportunity to learn more about the company and the opportunities it offers. Various meetings that took place in AriaMedTour’s booths included meetings with senior executives and officials from different countries.

Furthermore, it was during the even that AriaMedTour debuted its new sub-brands, namely IPD Plus and AloMedical.

New services that could boost medical tourism in Iran


Alomedical is an online platform that connects patients to Iranian healthcare providers. Its main aim is to introduce Iran’s major capacities in healthcare to the world.

MedTour Logistics

MedTour Logistics provides patients with logistical services by offering packages which include visa acquisition, accommodation booking, interpreter, and private transfer.

IPD Plus

This new feature provides services to hospitals and medical centers so that they can exclusively cater to foreign patients. The services include:

  • Establishing an official department for international patients.
  • Staff training and consultations to streamline international patients’ treatment journey
  • Designing and administrating multilingual websites for hospitals
  • Additional services to help hospitals control the way foreign patients are treated

    AriaMedTour staff at ECO Confibition

    AriaMedTour’s staff members posing for a photo at the 2nd ECO Confobition on Health Tourism held on June 18 to 20, 2019 in Ardabil, Iran.

More on AriaMedTour sub-brands: AriaMedTour introduces new service at Tehran’s health tourism congress

Hadi Shajari’s statement on medical tourism in Iran and its prosperous future

After a speech on medical tourism start-ups in Iran, the president of AriaMedTour, Hadi Shajari, touched on the rivalry between medical tourism facilitators, stating that it can boost medical tourism in Iran.

Maria D. Georga was another notable speaker in the confobition. She reiterated the important role of medical tourism facilitators such as AriaMedTour in increasing Iran’s potential to become one of the hubs of medical tourism in the world. After this event, she gained a new perspective on the reality of medical tourism in Iran. She shared her views in an article in the International Medical Travel Journal.