What countries have the best plastic surgeons?

When it comes to beauty and looks, everyone wants to take another step towards perfection. Maybe you want a smaller nose, bigger breasts or even a face without wrinkles. Whatever you want for better looks, plastic surgery can be the answer. But as we all know, when you want the best results you must look for the best surgeon.

Looking for the best plastic surgeon makes many people head to the airports and travel to other countries to undergo a plastic surgery procedure. In this article, we will give you a list of the best countries to visit for plastic surgery, countries where you can find the best plastics surgeons in the world.

plastic surgeons operating on a patient in an operating room


Brazilian people do not only have a reputation for beauty, but they also have a great obsession with plastic surgery. Nowadays, Brazil is among the top 3 countries for the number of plastic surgeries performed every year. In Brazil, having plastic surgery is the norm and it is quite common for girls to have plastic surgery as birthday gifts.

Due to the fact that Brazil exempts plastic surgery procedures from tax, Brazil has become one of the best destinations for medical tourism.

Brazilian clinics offer cosmetic procedures affordable prices. Therefore, every year a lot of patients travel to Brazil to undergo plastic surgery. The most popular procedures performed in Brazil are breast enhancement surgery, liposuction and Brazilian butt lift , which is named so due to its popularity in this country.


Mexico is another country that offers low-cost cosmetic surgery. This country is ranked 3rd in the world with over a million procedures performed every year.

The huge number of cosmetic operations performed each year indicates that Mexican surgeons are very experienced and skilled. And with the low prices of plastic surgery there, Mexico is now considered among the top destinations for plastic surgery.

Liposuction, rhinoplasty and breast lift are the most common plastic procedures in Mexico. And many patients travel there mostly from the US and Canada to undergo plastic surgery.

South Korea

In the past decade, South Korea has become one of the most favorite destinations for plastic surgery tourism in Asia. Plastic surgery became quite popular there among both locals and foreigners.

South Korean surgeons are among the best plastic surgeons in the world. And according to reports, 1 in 3 South Korean women had plastic surgery at least once in their life, meaning the country has the highest plastic surgeries performed per capita. While there are a lot of patients who have nose jobs and liposuction, the most popular surgery there is double eyelid surgery due to the preference of western-looking eyes among Asians.


While the cheap prices are the main reason that makes patients travel to India to have plastic surgery, Indian surgeons can perform high-end surgeries. The huge population of India also translates to a great number of Indian plastic surgeons.

The advanced medical care, the low cost of surgery and the fact that many Indians speak English bring more patients each year to India.


People usually choose to have plastic surgery abroad because of low prices or better health care. But choosing to have a cosmetic surgery procedure in Iran can give you both.

In the past few years, cosmetic surgery became very popular in Iran and this popularity has turned Iran into one of the best destinations for medical tourism. As the demand for cosmetic surgery rose in Iran, so did the skill and expertise of Iranian plastic surgeons.

Each year thousands of patients travel to Iran to undergo plastic surgery procedures due to the fine medical care and low prices.

The nose job is the most popular plastic surgery in Iran, it is common to see a lot of girls and boys walking in the streets with white tapes on their noses. Iranian beauty clinics provide other procedures including body contouring procedures and maxillofacial surgeries.


Even though the country has a lot of economic problems, plastic surgery is very popular in Greece. In the advanced medical facilities in Greece, you can undergo a plastic surgery procedure without paying a lot of money. Therefore, many patients travel from all over the world to have plastic surgery.

Both men and women travel to Greece for plastic surgery. For women, the most popular surgery is breast augmentation while the most common procedure for men is penis enlargement.

United States of America

The United States of America is the biggest plastic surgery market with the highest number of cosmetic procedures performed in the world. Each year over 3 million plastic surgery procedures are performed there. With the high-quality medical services in the US, there are a lot of people who travel to the US to undergo plastic surgery.

Having plastic surgery in the US will provide you with amazing results. The only problem there is the price. Plastic surgery in the United States costs a lot of money, and that is why many Americans travel to other countries like Mexico for cosmetic surgery.


For many years, people have been traveling to Switzerland for plastic surgery. Switzerland has some of the best surgeons in the world. So it does not matter what surgery you have in mind, the result will be satisfactory.

In Switzerland, surgeons consider their work as an art. And this means that the results will look more natural instead of being quite obvious. Breast lift, tummy tuck and brow lift are among the most common plastic surgeries in Switzerland


When you think of Italy, the things that should pop up into your mind are pizza, spaghetti, and now plastic surgery. The recent reports have shown that Italy is among the top 5 countries for cosmetic procedures with 650,000 procedures in 2018.

Most of the cosmetic surgery procedures performed in Italy are non-invasive such as botox injection, ultherapy and CoolSculpting. But keep in mind that the prices of plastic surgery procedures in Italy are quite high.