AriaMedTour on Iranian Television Show

“We, the Iranians” is one of the most popular programs on Iranian Television and is broadcast on one of the most watched channels. Usually, those who are invited to this talk show have made significant achievements in their field, being people who focus on different aspects of their work and care about increasing customer satisfaction.

AriaMedTour on Iranian Tv show

As you know, especially in tourism-related businesses, when a person leaves a country with a positive feeling and fond memories, he/she talks about their experience with satisfaction and enthusiasm, advises family and friends to travel to that country even with the goal of receiving treatment, and plans to travel again. Obviously, in such situations, there is more motivation and energy to improve services and how to provide them.

What happened in the Iranian TV Show with the participation of AriaMedTour?

AriaMedTour participated in the program as the top medical tourism facilitator in the country. The quality of service and the satisfaction of health tourists from all over the world was one of the main reasons for our participation. Job creation and economic prosperity by the company were also among the topics discussed during the program, but what doubles the value of the activities of AriaMedTour team is the effort to eliminate the impact of negative propaganda against Iran and to create a real image of this country for patients.

Mohammad Nasri, CEO of AriaMedTour, says:

Creating a sense of security and tranquility in health tourists is as important as providing quality services to them.

Mohammad Nasri, CEO of AriaMedTour, as a guest of Iranian television show called

Mohammad Nasri, CEO of AriaMedTour, on Iranian TV show

Why are negative propaganda so effective?

The inappropriate image presented to the people of the world by some countries in the public media has affected their mentality about Iran. Foreign patients with a too unreal perception are afraid of traveling to Iran, especially a challenging trip for treatment. Furthermore, clear information on the quality of health and cosmetic services in Iran is not available to tourists. But how does AriaMedTour play a role in creating a real image about Iran?

Sensitivities are greater when deciding to seek medical care in a foreign country. On the other hand, the purpose of propaganda against countries and companies is to highlight mistakes and weaknesses. Of course, not having a perception is more common than having a negative perception about Iran. Unrealistic image presentation increases patients’ worries and discourages them from traveling. But as mentioned, the lack of recognition of Iran’s medical and tourism capabilities has removed the country from the list of some health tourists.

AriaMedTour creates a better image of Iran by providing comprehensive services

By focusing on online advertising and marketing, with the cooperation of trained medical experts and the supervision of the company’s treatment unit, we have been able to succeed in attracting patients. The production of rich text and video content on the multilingual website and the strong presence in domestic and foreign conferences are among our actions in this field.

That is not all. We are responsible until the last moment to provide the best hospitality to health tourists. Receiving quality logistics services by a health tourist eliminates the need to worry about anything other than the main purpose of his/her trip. We provide our guests with security and peace of mind by providing a comprehensive and affordable package. Every business has a mission, and this is ours!

Photos of the Show

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