One of the main steps toward the development of an industry/business is to broaden the business horizons and walk out of the country’s borders to grab foreign market opportunities. For AriaMedTour, this step takes on greater importance as the company is regarded as a leading medical tourism company in Iran. So the company decided to establish operations and branch offices in various countries around the globe. The company selected Qatar as a platform to go global.

Why Qatar?

Qatar has always been a friend to Iran, standing out as a top place to do business. Located in close proximity to the country, Qatar has maintained close economic and diplomatic relations with Iran for years. As for the medical tourism industry, this country seems to be a perfect partner for AriaMedTour as a growing number of Qatari patients are heading off to Iran to get their surgeries done here. Accordingly, a trip to Qatar has been arranged by the company’s top officials.

Branch Office Establishment

In collaboration with Qatari partners, AriaMedTour has established its branch office at the heart of this country, Doha, to help Qatari patients easily connect to the first-class health care offered in Iran. This office would assist our Qatari patients to get their visa and arrange their immediate trip to Tehran. Furthermore, this office offers initial services like medical consultations and case reviews to our Qatari patients prior to their trip in order to accelerate their medical trip to Iran.

What’s Next?

To extend the company’s reach within the global village, AriaMedTour has devised an international expansion strategy, planning to enter more countries in the upcoming years.

In the end, we invite you to have a look at the photos of AriaMedTour’s officials during their trip to Qatar.