Successful treatment of absolute blindness in Iran

Farahnaz Jouleideh Fitrat, is one of the two people undergoing the artificial retinal implant surgery in Iran who suffered an absolute blindness as a result of constant nervous tensions. Another case is a woman also suffering an absolute blindness for more than 42 years. Now these two women can see the world after a long time as the result of skilled Iranian eye surgeons and blindness treatments in Iran.

iranian eye doctors performing Eye surgery in operation room

blindness treatments in Iran

Dr. Mohsen Farvardin, Surgeon and Specialist in Eye Diseases, Fellowship in Retinology, with the cooperation of ophthalmologists of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, who managed to do this operation, describes the surgery as the most complex ophthalmic surgery of all times.

According to Dr Farvardins speech, only 250 surgical retinal implant have been performed in the world so far, and today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been recognized as the 15th country in the ranks of the countries that achieved this success.
According to Dr Farvardins speech , this surgery lasts 7 to 8 hours for the first time in Iran and that two operations were performed by same team on a single day, which is why the international monitoring team was surprised, because so far such complex surgery done 2 times in a day by same team has not been performed in any other country.

As doctor Khodadoust one of the most famous and skilled eye surgeons of Iran had predicted before about the possibility of this surgery later in Iran due to all the progress in this field, It’s an honor for the first time in Shiraz, the surgery for two ladies with absolute blindness has been successful in “Pars” and “Khalili” hospitals among the hospitals AriaMedtour collaborate with. The two patients had the operation totally gratis.

eye surgery for treating blindness in iran

“In the Middle East, Iran is the first country to perform artificial retinal implant surgery by native specialists” said the eye surgeon and specialist of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

He evaluated the results of this surgery highly successful and believes that as time goes on, the vision of these two patients will enhance. Currently, these two patients are able to walk alone with special glasses, and they do the routine activities all on their own.

The surgeon and ophthalmologists discuss about 2,000 eligible retina implant recipients in addition to 10,000 severely blind people who could be candidates for this kind of surgery.