How to decide who is the best plastic surgeon?

Here we have listed a few hints which can help you decide who is the best plastic surgeon for you or is the doctor you chose worth trusting your health, money or time. By this mean you can have a better decision making process progress and also you can set better cosmetic goals for yourself as a long term or short term one.

  • Check the best plastic surgeon credits – first take a look into your surgeon’s certification and qualifications also experience and international associations and more important one, if there is any non-satisfactory element in their work. by this way you can filter many of the surgeons you look for before. You can also check out what is the latest courses in cosmetic surgery field and that is your doctor well updated in cosmetic process or not.
  • Check out before and after photos of your cosmetic surgeon – you can Ask the patients coordinator to send you the before & after pictures of the surgeon’s last or previous patients. Highly skilled and experienced surgeons will indeed have a good body of work to demonstrate both in quantity and quality. It will also help you know what can you expect and what you can’t regarding to your current situation in comparison with other patients and also to get a brief conclusion on each doctors work and see which doctor you like the most to perform cosmetic surgery on you.
  • Talk to the best plastic surgeon on the phone – before you book your flight and confirm your accommodation and more importantly go after your visa process, first talk to your favorite surgeon on the phone or text him via WhatsApp or Viber number in Iran that our company hands over to you. This will give you a clear idea that how well he understands your demands, how openly he accepts your requirements and most importantly how available is the surgeon. Sometimes the doctor consultation gives you clear guidance so we can find out whether the plastic / cosmetic surgery is suitable for you or not or that even is it possible to perform the exact thing you have in your mind?
  • Plastic and cosmetic surgery is all about the inquiry a person make and your choice in the first place should be heard and understood well and then you can follow the process. After all it was and is “you” who wanted the surgery and not any of your medical condition forced you any obligatory surgery. So you need to be well-heard and well-understood in very first steps of your decision making process. Of course not 100 percent of what you desire may not be achievable due to the limitations of plastic surgery itself, but your case will be well discussed with the surgeon and the free consultation would be given to you to clear out your mind about the surgery you want to undergo