Medical Tourism In Hamedan

Hamedan (Hegmataneh) is the capital city of Medes era (728-550 BCE). The city has a very great ancient history. Located in central west of Iran, it is considered among the top six of cultural cities in Iran. Religion was flourished there. As the capital city of Persia, the Holy bible was first read and spread in this city. Far from its religious and cultural aspects, Hamedan is geographically remarkable too. It is famous for the Alvand Mountain of the Zagros mountain chains.

Travelers to Hamedan would definitely enjoy their journey. The city is famous for the natural aspects. Ali Sadr Cave is the greatest water cave of the world. The city is also culturally rich. Many cultural celebrities and poets increased the reputation of the city. Tourists can pay visit to some places like Tomb of Baba Taher, Tomb of Avicenna, Dome of Alavian, and Qanj Name. As a traveler to Hamedan, you can expect quite an adventurous journey to the different aspects of nature and history which are accompanied by modernity. There are great variety of choices to visit in Hamedan province. The perfect and cool weather of “Abbas Abad ” region   would refresh and raptures you. The gentle and picturesque waterfalls in Ganjnameh are also symbols of the city. Another famous symbol of the city is the stone lion statue which is allocated to the Parthian era (248 BCE-224 CE) that laid at the front of the city gate.

Due to the great medical history of Hamedan, Medicine science has developed a lot. There are many healthcare centers that give their best services to the patients. Hamedan University of Medical Sciences is one of the best places of research study in Iran. Many foreign students and innovative researchers come to this university for further research studies and new achievements.

historical mosque in hamedan - cloudy day view

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