7 essential things to consider before plastic surgery

Have you set up your mind on undergoing plastic surgery? Or you are just daydreaming about it? Well, in any case, collecting reliable information about this important decision is a must. After all, we are talking about your physics, appearance, and above all, your health.

As you may know, demand for cosmetic surgery is on the rise; who doesn’t like to do a and get rid of that annoying sagging belly? Or have a killing profile with a nose job? Yes, plastic surgery can be a way for your dreams to come true. But, before doing anything, you better read this article first to get a grasp of what you should know and do before plastic surgery.

Here are the 7 top things to consider before going for plastic surgery.

1- Finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon

Without any doubt, the most important thing you should do before a beauty surgery is to find the right cosmetic surgeon. Based on what type of surgery you want to have, you should choose a surgeon who specializes in that area and is board-certified. There are a lot of incompetent doctors with misleading medical certificates. You don’t want to meet them! So, you need to find accredited medical centers from authentic sources and select a professional plastic surgeon.

Moreover, choosing the right surgeon is more than a guarantee for a successful procedure. A right doctor can greatly help you to reduce the tremendous stress that you might feel before and after the surgery. So, choose wisely!

You may wonder how you can find the right plastic surgeon! The good news is that there’s a shortcut. You can have a free consultation here on AriaMedTour to find the qualified plastic surgeon for your procedure.

Iranian doctor talking to his patient who is sitting in his office

Finding a reliable surgeon is the first thing you should consider before anything else.

2- Evaluating your health condition for plastic surgery

Are you healthy enough to undergo plastic surgery? It actually depends on several factors. Luckily, most people are in proper health condition to do cosmetic surgery. After you find a suitable surgeon, you have to share with them your medical history, including any disease or previous surgery.

Your surgeon should have a clear image of your health condition. So, do not hide any health issue. Do not skip telling a problem that you had. Even if you think it is not important. When it comes to your health, every minor thing matters.

However, it is rare that someone needs to refrain from having plastic surgery because of health issues. But, think about how things can go wrong with your unclear health status report.

3- Before and after photos: how am I going to look like?

One of the most exciting parts of this journey is imagining your future appearance. How I will look like? How this surgeon is going to change my body? Well, you can get a hand from Photoshop. But, a better and real way is to see before and after photos of similar cases.

man checking before and after rhinoplasty photos on the internet

Before/after photos help you understand how would you be like after surgery.

Every professional beauty clinic or surgeon has a great collection of these photos. The important thing is you should make sure they are not stock photos. Take a tour in our plastic surgery before and after photos to see some of our patients before and after their procedures.

4- The risks carried by your surgery

Another important plastic surgery fact to consider is risks. Like medical surgery, plastic surgery also has their considerations. In fact, potential complications should be on your question list. Scarring, infections, bleeding, nerve injury, and anesthesia-related issues are some of the complications that might occur after a cosmetic surgery.

However, these complications rarely occur in beauty surgeries as long as you choose a well-trained surgeon. Just ask your trusted surgeon about the probable risks.

5- What results you expect from your surgery

Be realistic! Plastic surgery is not going to change your entire life. Although you will have a higher self-confidence afterward, it is not a miracle. You might want certain changes in your body; that’s totally fine. But these changes might not have the result you expect. Moreover, you shouldn’t compare the result of your surgery with that of someone else because very person has their own unique circumstances.

So, discuss your ideas with your surgeon first. Surely your doctor will suggest the best way to do the cosmetic surgery for you. Maybe the change you want doesn’t go with other features of your face. Your surgeon can help you by suggesting the ideal result that is in harmony with your face or body.

6- Anticipate the recovery time

Have you worked overtime on the weekend? Didn’t you use your leaves to make time for your surgery? Or you just want to look perfect on that wedding that you are invited? Estimating the exact recovery time is a very important plastic surgery factor.

Recovery time differs depending on your surgery type. Some patients need to stay in the hospital for a few days after the operation. What is most important in this stage is your aftercare. If you want to get the best outcome from this procedure, you should take your recovery seriously. Keep in mind that you need to give time to your body to heal.

Don’t put pressure on yourself at this time. Sometimes even harmless routine activities such as chewing and showering can cause trouble.

AriaMedTour's patient assistant helping our foreign patient to eat during her recovery in the hospital bed

Having someone to help you during your recovery after plastic surgery is a must!

7- The costs of plastic surgery

Here comes the heart-aching part. Plastic surgeries are relatively expensive. And, your insurance company probably won’t cover it. So, you have to be totally reliant on your own pocket. The expenses depend on what type and how much change that you want to get. It can be really hard to finance it. Especially taking follow-up treatments and recovery into account.

So, having a clear idea about the exact breakdown of fees is essential. You should get a rough estimate of the cost of your surgery before booking a surgery appointment. Costs may be exorbitant in your own city or country, so you can consider having a plastic surgery abroad or at least in another city.

Cosmetic surgery prices vary in different countries, depending on many things. Iran is one of those countries that offer such services at decent prices. At AriaMedTour, we offer budget medical tourism packages that include all service you need for your plastic surgery in Iran. You can get a free consultation now via email, WhatsApp, or online form.

Other things to consider

You can also ask your surgeon if you need one or multiple procedures. Also, ask about the scars; will they disappear eventually? Ask about similar procedures that you can undergo. Find out if the result is going to last.  Make sure if you need someone’s assistance after the surgery.

If you have any questions or you need a consultation, feel free to contact us at AriaMedTour. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help you make a wise decision.