A Hollywood Smile on a Kurdish Face – Patient Story & Video

A Hollywood Smile on a Kurdish Face – Patient Story & Video

Like many people who care about their smile, Ashna has been always thinking about getting a cosmetic dental procedure. In this post, we want to depict how she went from thinking of a Hollywood smile or dental veneers in Iran to actually making it happen.

The decision to travel to another country for medical/cosmetic purposes is the one which takes a lot of thought. That’s why Ashna, our Kurdish patient, spent a lot of time searching and finding information regarding having dental veneers abroad. “As the world is developing, I wanted to look for a good doctor abroad,” she explains.

Ashna and her sister chose Iran as they were well aware of the advancements of Iran’s medicine. However, as they didn’t know the Persian language, they decided to find a medical tourism company within the country. They found AriaMedTour on YouTube and contacted our team to arrange their immediate trip to Tehran. One of our Arab interpreters greeted them as soon as they entered the country. They went through a successful procedure of dental veneers and liposuction surgery.

As we believe that distance is not an obstacle for not having the best possible course of treatment, we put more weight on our patient’s comfort. To this end, and upon their contact, we arranged everything for their medical trip to Iran and stayed right beside them during their procedures. After completion of their treatment, they went back home with an everlasting smile and satisfaction.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Ashna in Iran!

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