Iraqi man takes brother to Iran for tumor surgery

This man has taken his brother from Iraq to Iran for a tumor removal treatment. After unsuccessful operations and treatments in Iraq, the man decided to bring his brother to a hospital in Tehran for medical treatments, which he says have been successful and satisfactory. He praises the hospital for the good services it provided to them.

Iran has become a favorite destination for patients from neighboring countries, including Iraq, over the last years. The main reason for the high popularity is the abundance of highly-trained and experienced doctors in most medical fields.

Moreover, The Iranian government has in past years taken measures to improve the healthcare facilities across the major cities. Construction of new hospitals and renovating the existing ones are one of the actions taken by the government and the private sector to pave the way for receiving a greater number of medical tourists.

Iran is considered a great country to visit as a tourist. Boasting thousands of tourist attractions, Iran has an enormous potential for tourism. Adding the great capabilities in healthcare services, coupled with the low cost of these services, the country can be regarded as an ideal health tourism destination.

Given the close cultural and religious ties between Iran and the neighboring countries, patients from some of those nations are very eager to travel to Iran for healthcare services. Shia people from Iraq and Bahrain are especially attracted to holy cities like Mashhad and Qom, where they can visit holy places as well.

The dramatic increase in the influx of patients visiting Iran for treatments has convinced the officials of the government and medical centers to open special departments for foreign patients. The International Patients Department (IPD) of the Iranian hospitals are specially equipped and staffed to admit and treat foreign patients. They are equipped with the most advanced facilities according to the international standards in the medical tourism industry.

Iraqi patients in Iran


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