Iraqi woman gets eye treatment at Iranian hospital

Iraqi woman gets eye treatment at Iranian hospital

This Iraqi couple has traveled from Basra, Iraq to Tehran for an eye care treatment (for the wife). The woman suffered from an eye disease (cataracts).

Having researched for an effective and affordable treatment abroad, they talked to many medical tourism companies which offered them to go to different countries for a surgery. None of them, however, could persuade them into accepting the suggested medical trips until they found AriaMedTour.

They contacted the company to ask for information regarding the cost, procedure, doctor, and their travel. As the first step, AriaMedTour asked for their medical documents in order to give them medical consultation. They sent their medical documents via WhatsApp, and AriaMedTour’s ophthalmologists gave them initial consultation as well as a rough estimate of the treatment procedure.

The man was in touch with AriaMedTour via WhatsApp, exchanging information about his wife’s condition. AriaMedTour’s Arabic coordinator has been providing him with relevant information too, explaining everything ranging from what they need to do for their trip to the medical centers available for eye care treatments and the advantages of each one.

Heading to Tehran

The Iraqi man and his wife finally decided to come to Iran for an eye care experience. As they live in Basra which is just 50 kilometers away from Abadan, a city in the southwest of Iran, they first traveled to Abadan via land then took a domestic flight to Tehran.

Upon their arrival at the airport of Tehran, AriaMedTour’s interpreter and tour guide was already there to pick them up and take them to their hotel. They say that the interpreter took them to the hotel ‘very nicely’ and booked a room for them.

The next day, another AriaMedTour interpreter, this time a native Arabic speaking one, went to take them to the hospital. “He was fluent in Arabic and Persian. He also knew English,” the man says.

They went to the hospital and the patient was admitted to the International Patients Department (IPD) of Basir Eye Care Center. The doctor who was supposed to visit the patient talked to her and listened to her complaint, all through the interpreter. “The interpreter was with us half an hour before the doctor showed up,” the man says, praising the AriaMedTour interpreter for his good job. “He did well in interpreting between the patient and the doctor. The doctor listened to him and he spoke as a native Farsi speaker.”

Fortunately, the problem of the patient was not very serious. So the doctor prescribed a pair of glasses for her and didn’t recommend a surgery. She was then dismissed from the hospital and they were taken to their hotel by the interpreter.

On their last day in Tehran, our Iraqi guests were visited by AriaMedTour’s CEO to have a conversation about their eye care experience and the quality of services they received from the company. He had a video interview (above) to express his satisfaction with the reception they got and their eye care experience and speak about their entire medical tour planned by the company.

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Iraqi eye patient and her husband

He compared AriaMedTour with other similar companies. “I have been to other countries as well, like Malaysia, Cairo and Istanbul. But haven’t seen such a good company, it’s a great one.”

“I traveled to Malaysia and Istanbul with Iraqi companies. But Aria company is a great one. Its arrangements and scheduling are perfect. For instance, if the interpreter was going to be at the hotel at 11:00, he was there at 11 sharp. And if we were supposed to visit the doctor at 3:30, the interpreter would have been with us half an hour before the doctor showed up.”

The next day, the man and his wife took a flight to the holy city of Mashhad for a visit to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS).

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