Shomal Hospital offers medical services to Kuwaiti couple

Shomal Hospital offers medical services to Kuwaiti couple

Medical treatments and surgeries are much less costly than other Persian Gulf countries. This is why many patients from these countries visit Iran to get different kinds of healthcare services, including medical and cosmetic treatments, at very affordable costs.

This Kuwaiti couple traveled to Iran on a vacation to visit the country’s tourist attractions. As part of their tour, they also paid a visit to Mazandaran, a beautiful province located in the northern region of Iran, known for its splendid climate and dense forests.

While visiting the province, the couple heard about Shomal Hospital VIP services, an equipped hospital in the city of Amol. They decided to have their little son circumcised at this hospital.

The wife says when they went there, they realized that the hospital is very well-equipped. “The doctors and nurses were very helpful,” she says.

“Thank God we want to get our son circumcised here at this hospital and then celebrate it.”

“Thank God in this hospital they really care about us, and pay attention to us, and I really appreciate it.”

Shomal Hospital

Established in 2014, the hospital is now equipped with up-to-date facilities and trained specialists and nurses. The hospital also has an international ward which serves foreign patients.

AriaMedTour and Shomal Hospital are now jointly offering VIP medical-tourism services to international patients. The services include free medical consultation, travel arrangement (visa issuance facilitation, flight and hotel reservation), airport pick-up, interpreting, and tour guide services, offering sightseeing and local tours to patients, round-the-clock phone support, follow-up services and post-operative video calls between patients and doctors.

Shomal Hospital VIP services

Shomal Hospital

Shomal Hospital VIP services

Shomal Hospital

Northern Iran a popular destination for Arab tourists

Three Iranian provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan are highly favored destinations for Arab travelers. The reason is that most Arab countries have desert and hot climate, thus people of these countries often prefer to go to regions with pleasant cool weathers.

tourism Northern Iran

Gilan Province

Gilan tourism

A forest road in Gilan

Dense forests and cool coastlines of the three provinces are unique in the Middle East. The geographical diversity of the region (mountains, forests, plains and beaches) along with its lovely weather has made it the most popular local destination for Iranians, especially during the Noruz holidays and the summer. This also has attracted many foreign travelers over the past years including tourists from Persian Gulf states.

Caspian Sea

Tourists traveling to Northern Iran can enjoy the excellent traditional cuisine of the region. Gilan Province is the best example of this cultural feature. The richness of culinary tradition comes from the climate, making it possible for a variety of fruits, vegetables, and poultry to be grown and raised. Seafood is also very diverse as the Caspian Sea is a rich source of seafood and caviar, the latter being a precious export of Iran.


The historical tourism village of Masooleh in Gilan Province

Iranian cuisine

The traditional cuisine of Northern Iran is very rich and diverse

There have been efforts over the past years to promote medical tourism in Northern Iran. To this end, new hospitals have been built and equipped in major cities of the region, including Gorgan, Sari, Amol, Rasht, and Anzali.


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