Dental Veneers in Tehran Arranged by AriaMedTour

Iran is most commonly known for its role as the prominent rhinoplasty destination in the world. Yet, few people are aware of how excellent Iran is when it comes to other treatments as well. Salah was one of them. He wanted to have a Hollywood smile and he didn’t look any further than Iran for the procedure.

The dental veneers procedure is quite pricy and the results are directly affected by the proficiency of the specialist. Iran is known to offer high quality dentistry services at reasonable prices. Therefore, Salah decided to travel from Oman to Iran to enhance his smile.

To make sure his every needs are going to be met, Salah began looking for the most reliable clinics. During his research, he came across AriaMedTour. He found that many people actually recommend AriaMedTour and its medical tourism services. So, he contacted us to find the best dental clinic for his procedure.

” I found that AriaMedTour is one of the best and is recommended by so many. So, I decided to come to Iran through AriaMedTour.”

After Salah contacted us, one of our doctor’s assistants got back to him. During the consultation, the doctor’s assistant explained everything Salah needed to know, helping him educate himself on the procedure and how to choose the best clinic. AriaMedTour also helped him with trip planning and everything else regarding his medical travel to Tehran.

” My doctor’s assistant has just been just amazing and more than professional. She provided me with so many information. She was extremely amazing. She managed everything for me and explained everything to me in details and I could make my decision in less than 10 minutes.”

Salah arrived in Tehran and met his patient coordinator/interpreter. He didn’t feel lonely for a moment as his interpreter was with all along throughout the procedure. After getting his composite veneers and amazed by the expertise of Iranian clinics, Salah went to have his Hari fall problem treated too.

“The doctor was just amazing. I am more than satisfied with the veneers treatment that I received in Tehran. The hair treatment went on really well as well.”

Salah was completely satisfied with how the results turned out. He recommended AriaMedTour even before leaving Iran. In fact, some of his friends and family members are already on their way to get nose surgery or hair transplant in Iran and through AriaMedTour.

Are you looking for affordable yet high quality treatment in Iran too? Try our online consultation for free to get a grasp of how your journey would be like if you choose AriaMedTour.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Salah in Iran!


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