Weight loss surgery has become very popular over the last few years. The advancement of medical technology and inventions of new methods in weight loss treatments have produced speedy solutions for obesity. As the number of obese people increases as a result of unhealthy lifestyles, so does the demand for weight loss procedures, among which laparoscopic surgeries are increasingly gaining ground.

Iran is currently one of the most successful countries in the region in offering weight loss surgeries. Making use of the latest medical approaches and technologies, Iranian bariatric surgeons possess the practical know-how in laparoscopic weight loss surgeries. The fact that one of the most popular weight loss surgeries (gastric plication) was pioneered by Iranian surgeons is a testament to their great competence in this medical field.

Every year, thousands of weight loss surgeries are performed in Iranian hospitals, many of which on foreign patients who come from abroad. The advantages of high quality and affordability are the most important factors that make Iran an ideal destination for weight loss surgery candidates.

In the above video, a Macedonian woman is talking about her experience of a weight loss surgery in Iran. She traveled from Australia, where she lives with his Iraqi husband, to Iran on a medical-tourism trip. The woman, who introduced herself as ‘Floria’, has been in search of a qualified weight loss doctor for a long time and finally found medical tourism facilitator, AriaMedTour on the internet.

Floria was suffering from obesity for a long time, which brought her various problems, physical and psychological. Decreased self-esteem, embarrassment, social isolation, high blood pressure and diabetes, to name but a few, were what Floria was suffering from because of her excess weight.

Planning a trip to Iran

Floria’s family already had plans to make a tour to Iraq and Iran to visit their relatives. With prior knowledge about the reputation of Iran in medical services, they decided to make their tour a multi-purpose one: visiting family and relatives, enjoying beauties of Iran, receiving a weight loss surgery.

After an extensive research on the best weight loss surgery doctors in Iran, Floria came across the website of AriaMedTour. She studied the website carefully before sending a message on the company’s WhatsApp to request for more information. The company’s coordinators provided her with detailed information regarding weight loss surgeries and other services with respect to her travel and accommodation in Iran.

After a couple of weeks of communication with AriaMedTour, she was convinced to put trust in the company and give it authority to handle all affairs of her travel and medical treatment. She chose one of the packages that are offered by AriaMedTour to different patients. The package she chose came with doctor’s and hospital appointments, two nights stay in hospital, one week stay in a furnished apartment in Tehran, transfer and interpreter. Based on their schedule for traveling to Iraq and Iran, she told AriaMedTour the date of their arrival in Iran. AriaMedTour made preparations for their trip and treatment by booking doctor’s and hospital appointments.

Setting off the journey

Flora, his husband Ammar, and their daughter Sandra first flew from Australia to Iraq to meet their close relatives in Baghdad. After a few days there, Ammar’s parents and aunt joined them to head to the next destination, the Iranian city of Abadan, to visit a few relatives of theirs who live in the Iranian city.

The extended family stayed 20 days in Abadan. Then they caught a flight to the capital Tehran to continue their journey. As arrangements had already been made for their accommodation and the surgery Floria was going to have, they had no worries as to this hassle. They felt secure when they got on the plane because they knew AriaMedTour’s coordinators are prepared to assist them as soon as they arrive in Tehran.

 In Tehran

AriaMedTour offers pick-up services to its customers, that is to say, it sends interpreters to the airport to welcome passengers and then take them to their hotel by private taxis. In case of Floria and her family, too, the company’s interpreter was present at the airport the moment their flight landed. After they got off the plane, he went to the arrival gate and welcomed them by presenting them a bunch of flowers. Then he took two taxicabs to drive them to an apartment in one of the mainly Arabic-speaking neighborhoods of Tehran—which was a great advantage for the Iraqi family during their stay in Tehran.

AriaMedTour offers both rented apartments and hotel rooms to the customers depending on their budgets and preferences. For Floria and her fellow travelers, a furnished apartment was rented at their request (an apartment is a wise choice for those who are more than three). AriaMedTour’s interpreter was with the family until they were settled in their apartment, making sure that they had whatever they needed in the house.

According to the already arranged schedule, the next day Floria was taken to the Doctor’s private office by the interpreter for examination and consultation. The doctor examined Floria and gave her initial consultation regarding a weight loss surgery, then according to her BMI, he suggested her a gastric sleeve surgery (See “what weight loss surgery is right for me?”). Then the doctor ordered some pre-op tests, sonography and endoscopy for his analysis. She was taken back to her apartment to prepare for the operation which was due the following day.

Operation day

Floria’s weight loss surgery was planned to be performed in one of the best hospitals of Tehran. AriaMedtour’s interpreter went to their apartment to take her and her family to the hospital. She was admitted to the International Patients Department of the hospital, where there are special services for foreign patients. After another consultation session with the doctor, the surgery was performed under general anesthesia.

weight loss surgery experience in Iran

Floria (center) and her husband Ammar in the hospital where she undergone a weight loss surgery.

Immediacy following the surgery, Floria was taken care by nurses for a few hours until she was fully recovered. According to the schedule, she stayed in the hospital for two nights to be under special care, something that is typical of a bariatric surgery, In the hospital, Floria’s family were provided with a furnished suite, which is available for foreign patients and their family members.

weight loss surgery in Tehran

Floria, her husband and their daughter Sandra in the hospital where Floria had a gastric sleeve surgery.

gastric sleeve surgery in Tehran

Floria and her husband posing for a photo with AriaMedTour’s interpreter and the head of the International Patients Department of the hospital where she had her weight loss surgery.

One more week in Tehran

A weight loss surgery normally requires the patient to visit the doctor 5 days after the operation for post-op check-ups. Floria’s family stayed in their rented apartment for one week after the surgery, then she visited the doctor again who gave her instructions for the recovery period; he told her what to eat and not to eat, what activities to do and what sleeping positions to assume.

Weight loss surgery patients sometimes need to undergo a reconstructive surgery to remove sagging skin remaining on the stomach after they have lost much of their excess weight. As Floria and her family were very satisfied with the weight loss surgery experience in Iran and services they got in Tehran, they expressed willingness to come back one day for a possible tummy tuck in the future.

After one month in Iran (20 days in Abadan and 10 days in Tehran), Floria and her family finally concluded their journey with lots of fond memories. Since Floria left Iran, she has been constantly in contact with AraiMedTour, getting follow-up assistance as to her recovery process. She asks questions and receives answers via WhatsApp and this online support will go on for good, at least until she reaches her ideal weight.

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