AriaMedTour selected as ‘role model’ for medical tourism facilitators

AriaMedTour health tourism facilitator has been selected as a successful role model in providing health tourism services to foreign patients at the 12th national health tourism skills development workshop held on July 31 to August 2.

The company has participated in the annual event at the invitation of Dr. Saeed Hashemzadeh, the head of the Health Tourism Department of Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

The three-day educational workshop attended by experts of Iran’s medical tourism sector and professionals of the International Patients Departments (IPDs) of Iranian hospitals was hosted by the Faculty of Health Management and Information Sciences of Iran University of Medical Sciences.

AriaMedTour's CEO Mohammad Nasri gives presentation at 12th national workshop on health tourism

AriaMedTour’s CEO Mohammad Nasri gives presentation at the 12th national workshop on health tourism, held on July 31 to August 2 in Tehran.

During the workshop, the IPDs’ personnel have become acquainted with the latest services and regulations of health tourism, patient relationship management, the role of startup companies in health tourism, visa rules, international standards, health tourism marketing, cost management, pricing strategies and the role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in medical tourism.

The CEO of AriaMedTour Mohammad Nasri, whose company has been selected to be present at the workshop as a successful example of a medical tourism company in Iran, gave a presentation on the company’s services and agendas. Mr. Nasri elaborated on the strategies adopted by his company for attraction of foreign medical tourists as well as the way they provide services to patients, their online marketing, and the challenges facing the country’s medical tourism.

12th health tourism workshop organized by Iran University of Medical Sciences

The 12th workshop on health tourism was held on July 31 to August 2 by Iran University of Medical Sciences.

He stressed the importance of improving health tourism services, adding that providing patients with services should not be limited to the time of their presence in Iran, but they should be provided with services once they decide to travel to the country for a treatment. The services that are to be given to patients prior to their travel, he added, are provision of accurate information, competitive prices, and fast and comprehensive support and guidance, while after their treatments, facilitators should measure their sense of satisfaction and continue their support for them until they leave the country.

Pointing to AriaMedTour’s website, Mr. Nasri said that it is considered a Google-friendly website that has been highly ranked by the Google search engine. Their team, he said, has developed a multi-language website so that patients could find the information they need in several languages. He went on to say that the website contains albums of ‘before and after’ photos of different treatments as well as photos of hospitals and clinics so that patients would find out more about what they are going to receive.

Furthermore, the head of the Health Tourism Department of Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education delivered a speech, poiting to the vital role of the medical tourism facilitators in enhancing the quality of services provided to foreign health tourists, adding that apart from developing a professional multi-language website, AriaMedTour has provided patients with complete and credible information, and the prices of its services are very reasonable. The prices of its services are more attractive than those in other rival countries and at the same time, the company’s profit is also taken into consideration, Dr. Hashemzadeh added.

AriaMedTour was invited to medical tourism workshop as a 'role model'

AriaMedTour was invited to the workshop by the head of the Health Tourism Department of Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education and was selected as a ‘role model’ for medical tourism facilitators.

The top health tourism official went on to say that the existence of medical tourism agencies, competitive prices, and effective healthcare services of hospitals are the important driving forces behind the growth and development of medical tourism in Iran. He added that a big challenge in the country’s health tourism is currently unlicensed patient guides and agencies who attract foreign patients without passing the legal procedures and registration of the information of the patients into the healthcare system of the country, a challenge that can be tackled by increasing the number of licensed medical tourism facilitators for they possess the technical know-how in this field.

AriaMedTour is a health tourism facilitator and a platform for attracting foreign patients and assisting them in receiving medical and cosmetic treatments by qualified doctors at reputable hospitals in Iran. The agency provides other travel services to medical tourists including accommodation, transportation, and interpreting and tour guiding services.