Financial Tribune’s report on AriaMedTour startup business

The financial tribune, An English written international newspaper published in Tehran is now a days among the famous newspapers in Iran. This newspaper as a media tries to promote economic, social and cultural content by identifying the unknown capacities of Iranian economy. last week an interview was done by this newspaper with AriaMedTour the medical tourism company in Tehran and that how this company works in the field of medical tourism and what are the main services alongside with introducing the company policy and strategies.

newspaper reporting news from aria medical tourism company in iran

The report discuss various aspects of medical tourism in Iran and world as well as discussing the medical tourism in Asia as the leader of this business.

The aim of the AriamedTour Company is to facilitate the medical tourism process in Iran and one of the main goals of this company is to introduce the well-known doctors, hospitals and clinics to people from all around the world Other services to be mentioned include the introduction of IPD-equipped hospitals and advanced clinics throughout Iran.

AriaMedtour presents the high quality medical services in medical and cosmetic fields alongside with tourism services to the international patients from all around the world

Iran has been famous for its high qualified medical treatments globally and has a potential for patient attraction and best-quality healthcare services for abroad patients. The highest inquiries based on reports of this company are for cosmetic surgeries and then infertility issues.

On the other hand, Iran provides medical services in comparison with developed countries at a much lower cost and competitive prices Which it should be noted that within these years Iran among other Asian countries have become a serious rival to developed countries such as USA, Canada and Australia which all have a great history in medical and cosmetic surgeries and treatments.

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