Tabriz tourist attractions

Tabriz Bazaar

Tabriz bazaar is a UNESCO-registered site, the biggest world’s covered bazaar. The bazaar of Tabriz is one of the most beautiful bazaars in the country. This bazaar was an important trading place along the Silk Road which flourished during the Safavids dynasty in the 16th century. High domed ceilings, the occasional caravanserai and a seemingly endless labyrinth of alleyways, exploring the bazaar is a delightful experience. You can find everything from spices to jewelry, to pots and pans in this place, also keep on mind that the carpets of Tabriz are among the most famous in the world.

carpet bazaar in tabriz iran

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Blue Mosque

The blue mosque of Tabriz was built during Kara Kolyunlu period in the 15thcentury with dark and bright blue tiles. When constructed for ruler Jahan Shah in 1465, the Blue Mosque with its intricate turquoise mosaics became one of the most famous buildings of its era. There is a mausoleum of Jahan Shah in the southern section of the mosque. The structure still bears the signs of a massive earthquake that struck Tabriz in 1779. Only the iwan of the entrance remains from the original structure, even though many parts of the mosque have been reconstructed during the past 50 years. The iwan demonstrates also demonstrates some impressive Islamic calligraphy.

blue mosque in Tabriz east Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan Museum

The Azerbaijan Museum contains impressive artifacts including Azeri’s archaeological items taken from regional excavations, such as Hasanlu (an Iron Age town that developed into a citadel over 4000 years), a curios 3000-year-old copper helmet and rare stone ‘handbags’ from the 3rd millennium BC. There are three main halls in the museum, and most of the unique pieces date back to the Iron Age. Azerbaijan Museum is categorized among national museums showcasing the items from different eras and all over Iran in a wonderful way.

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Mausoleum of Poets

Tabriz has the biggest mausoleum for poets of Iran, which is located just outside the city center. This is the resting place of over 400 notables of the arts and letters, from between the 9th and 20th centuries. The structure has impressive angular, interlocking concrete arches which was completed in the 1970s. There is also a beautiful garden surrounding the mausoleum, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

mausoleum of Poets in tabriz

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Elgoli Park

The beautiful and expansive Elgoli Park is located southeast of the city center. This park is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing evening and it is popular with Iranian families. The park has nice views of the city from its top. Elgoli and its fairground surrounds a lake, in the center of which is a picturesque restaurant, occupying the reconstruction of a palace dating back to the Qajar era.

Elgoli park in Tabriz consisted of lake, building, and garden

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Village of Kandovan

Kandovan is a 700-year-old village, 40km south west of Tabriz. The village is still inhabited by a few hundred villagers in its own style. Kandovan village is home to a fascinating collection of troglodyte homes carved into volcanic rock in form of dwelling chambers, on the side of a cliff. This village is often compared to Turkey’s Cappadocia. Kandovan is even more stunning during winter when the village is covered with snow.

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Jameh Mosque

The Jameh Mosque of Tabriz is located adjacent to the bazaar. Due to many earthquakes over the centuries, the structure has undergone various reconstructions. So the mosque demonstrates an interesting combination of old and new features. This Seljuk-era mosque with a magnificent brick-vaulted interior, is most reputed for its tall three-tiered twin minarets as well as the beautiful mosaic work framing the entrance of the mosque.

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