About Tabriz

Tabriz is the largest city in north-west Iran. It is the city of handicrafts, hand-woven clothes, Persian rugs, and jewelry. Geographically, it is capital of East Azerbaijan province, in the Azerbaijan region of Iran. It is famous for the traditional foods, local confectionary, and dried nuts. Tabriz holds the long ancient history. The city contains many monuments which report the narration of history. The historical venues relate to Ilkhanid, Safavid and Qajar dynasty. Many monuments that remain today illustrate the glory of past days. Some of them like El Goli, the artificial pond; Blue Mosque, a mosque tiled with blue ceramics; The Bazaar of Tabriz, the oldest and largest bazaar of Tabriz attract many tourists with different cultures from various parts of the world. Iranian art and Islamic culture are really praiseworthy in Tabriz. The famous museum is Azerbaijan Museum in Tabriz. Opened in 1962, it is an exhibition of jewelry, carpets, elaborate cutlery, ancient skeletons,

Many cultural changes have been occurred during the long history of Tabriz. The most important commercialism took place on the Silk Road. All the historical and the geographical features have brought fame and honor to this city of antiquity. Many remained monuments are still evaluated as the unique feat of architecture. Also, the city has earned a great reputation as a main medical tourism destination in the region. Many modern medical centers with the highest standards and high-tech equipment, making it rank among top medical tourism centers in the Middle East. Imam Reza Hospital and Shams Hospital located in Tabriz provide a wide range of treatments to meet your medical needs.

ilgoli garden and lake in tabriz

Medical Tourism in Iran