Time to Dispel Away Your Travel Stress

You’ve been dreaming about a trip to another country for a long time, you’ve got some days off, you’ve booked flight, hotel and everything and just a day before you hit the road, you started to worry with thoughts like “oh I’m not prepared to leave my home”, “I don’t know the language of my destination”, “what if I get lost”, “what if I become sick” and so many other what-ifs. And that is the moment when travel stress knocks on the door. But, how can you overcome these feelings when you’re travelling to another country (especially to Iran)? This is what you’re gonna read in this article.

Reduce Travel Stress

Looking for a cure?

What is stress?

Stress is a natural response of body to the uncomfortable, challenging or dangerous situations and various kinds of factors may result in the same. Examples include having an important exam or presentation, attending a job interview, meeting someone for the first time and maybe travelling to somewhere you haven’t been before.

Reducing travel stress

Stressed out or what?

How to deal with travel stress?

1) Overcome the unknowns

Travel stress and travel anxiety are normal reactions when making one of the most personal decisions in your life. The reason lies in coming out of comfort zone and entering the world of “unknowns”. As stressful as it is, travelling also means learning how to deal with unknown situations and adapt in unexpected challenges. So, if you’re feeling worried, nervous or anxious, you are absolutely not alone. It just comes naturally to every other traveler. You just need to know what to do when it embraces you.

2) Plan for everything

Planning is always a gateway to becoming a less stressful traveler. Planning and preparing yourself for common issues will make you feel relaxed and secure. So, gather as much as information that you may need about your destination prior to your trip. Plan for every single thing that you may face, whether it is where to exchange money or how to apply for visa. Learn a few words and phrases in the local language. Write down emergency phone numbers of your destination country and finally bring your whole prepared positive self with you!

3) Give yourself a break

It’s important to give yourself a break whenever you feel distressed, anxious, exhausted or tired of being in a new place. Just like a chain, travel stress and tiredness are linked and connected. Your body needs more energy, as they use up your energy. Taking a break and resting would be a great help to vanish all the travel distress which annoys you.

Resting in Travel

Give yourself a break!

4) Find your travel stress reason

There are different scenarios which may cause people to become stressful or anxious when in the trip. Some people are afraid of being lost, some become stressful when they want to communicate with strangers and some do hate unfamiliar places. If you want to overcome these kinds of unpleasant feelings, think about the matter and find why and when it comes to you. This way, you can keep yourself away from all these scenarios.

4) Think of the positives

As mentioned earlier, worries and concerns are, of course, parts of travelling. But, do you want to cancel your trip and forget about your adventure because of that? The answer is “No”. Whenever the anxiety appears, picture yourself in the place you want to visit and feel the atmosphere and all the adventure and life you would experience there. These positive thoughts will help you fight against your anxiety. So, be positive and positive and positive!

5) Get help

If your anxiety is severe, it’s better to get help from a therapist or a doctor. This way, you will find out where it comes from and how it can be controlled and managed.

How to eliminate travel stress in Iran?

Iran is regarded as a challenging destination to travel to. The challenging part comes out of the stereotypes spread about Iran. But who cares? Stereotypes are everywhere. We know Iran is a mysterious unknown zone for you, but here’s how we help you to reduce those unknowns in AriaMedTour:

• You’ll be able to meet your in-country greeter before arrival in Iran via phone call or video conference,
• Your greeter will be welcoming you as soon as you land in the airport,
• You will have a local advocate, and
• You’ll be able to reach us in no time via a phone call.

So, leave the burden behind, free your mind from all the pressure-posing thoughts and travel!


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