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Question 16:

Is it possible to remove the fillers after the surgery if the patient is not satisfied with the result?


Yes. HA fillers can be removed with an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

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Question 15:

Are there any chances that lip augmentation goes wrong?


It may happen depending on the substance that is used. Most surgeons prefer using HA fillers that last longer, and are less allergic than collagen fillers.

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Question 14:

Are the results instant after lip augmentation?


A mild swelling is expected after the surgery. After the swelling is settles, that is after 24 hours, you will see the result.

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Question 13:

How long does lip augmentation surgery last?


It varies depending on the patient’s age and the substance used. On average to keep up the desired size, it is needed to repeat the treatment every 6 months.

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Question 12:

How much filler is needed in lip augmentation?


To achieve a full and yet natural look, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment a few sessions.

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Question 11:

What are lip fillers made of?


Most fillers are Collagen-based or Hyaluronic Acid-based (HA)

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Question 10:

How should the swelling after the surgery be controlled?


It is normal to expect swelling after neck lift surgery. There are some measures you can take to reduce the swelling. For the first 48 hours use gauze soaked with ice water. Avoid ice bags or cool gel packs as they might damage your skin. Minimize your salt intake after the surgery as much as possible.

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Question 9:

Can neck surgery be combined with other methods?


Yes. Combining a number of procedures with neck lift surgery is possible. For example, face lift, brow lift, and eye lid surgeries are the procedures that are commonly combined with neck lift surgery. However, in order to optimize your safety, it is necessary to consult with your surgeon for timing.

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Question 8:

Is there age limit for neck surgery?


Since many factors, including genetics and environment, are involved with facial aging, there is no particular age for considering a neck lift surgery.

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Question 7:

Are the result of neck lift long lasting?


It is estimated that the result last up to 10 years. If the patient protects the skin from sun damage and maintains a healthy lifestyle, the length of the neck lift result will be extended.

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Question 6:

Is neck lift surgery suitable if one plans to lose weight?


Patients who plan to lose a significant amount of weight, are common candidates for neck lift surgery. Because a lot of excess skin will be left behind in their face and neck. The important thing is that they should wait until their weight has been stable for 6 months.

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Question 5:

Is a mini face lift really effective?


Mini face lift is becoming increasingly common. Your plastic surgeon may decide that you need a mini face lift in case you have minimal skin laxity on your neck. The procedure does give a lift to the sagging skin, though it is not completely like a full face lift.

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Question 4:

Is the result of face lift surgery permanent?


Provided that you not significantly gain or lose weight in the future, yes. It should also be noted that you cannot stop the process of aging that of course has an effect on all your body, and your face is not an exception. But you will always see the benefits of your face lift for good. 

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Question 3:

How long does a face lift surgery take?


It takes about three hours, and is done under general anesthesia

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Question 2:

Will the result of face lift surgery be natural?


As we concentrate on correcting the droops, without overtightening the skin, you will enjoy a great natural look.

Keywords: face lift, natural look

Question 2:

Will the result of face lift surgery be natural?


As we concentrate on correcting the droops, without overtightening the skin, you will enjoy a great natural look.

Keywords: face lift, natural look